Why Should you buy our Recluse Cigars?



Fact: Ammonia: Every leaf of tobacco in the world has alot of it.


Fact: Fermentation is the process of bringing the ammonia out of the leaf.


Fact: Fermentation is done by wetting down the leaves and as the moisture evaporates from the leaf it brings ammonia out with it.


How long is the fermentation process on other cigars? Anywhere from 30 to 90 days.


How long is the fermentation on our cigar, the Recluse? TWO YEARS.


Why would we do this? It removes any trace of ammonia and delivers the flavor without the baggage. (no one else is willing to put the time in to do this.)


Every Recluse cigar is rolled in the cuban style of 'entubao' (Entubao means tubing) where instead of bunching and pressing the filler, which can affect the draw, we take each filler leaf and roll it individually and then we pull those three rolls together which creates three air channels. What you get with the three air channels is an effortless draw. By doing it this way you can do a better box press on the cigar. When you box press a cigar you're compressing the airspace. You're basically reducing the amount of combustion that you have because the airspace is reduced. So what you get with entubao is an effortless draw as well as a cooler, slower and straighter burn. The cigar refuses to burn hot.